Rob Vicente

A Producer, Writer, Director, Cinematographer and Editor well versed in style and formats. Including, English and Spanish long form editing for brands such as Telemundo and USA channel. Produced, Directed and Edited promos for SYFY’s it’s a “fan thing” and USA’s digital companion campaign pieces on the show “Sinner”.  Edited various BTS pieces for SYFY shows such as The Magicians, Incorporated and  SYFY Wire Social media pieces. His short-form work also includes editing news-packages for CBS news.      

In 2017 he received an “Outstanding Online Marketing Award” for his producing/editing promo work  for the USA hit show “Queen of the South”. He along with his team were also nominated for “Best in Show Companion Award” for the same campaign. 

In 2019, Maxell the electronic device company tapped Rob to help reboot the brand’s headphones and bring the vintage 90’s ad into the modern age for it’s 50 year anniversary campaign. The photos from the shoot were also featured in the same year’s Rollingstone magazine.

 As an Inkbot Films artist and CEO, he produced and D.O.P”d his first feature film “Aghast!” With Writer/Director Vincent Ruiz. He’s currently in preproduction Writing/Directing for his next feature film “Baggage” slated to start shooting fall of 2022.   

Behind the lens

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