We’re an Independent film company composed of seasoned professionals who are passionate about the business of storytelling. Our close group of diverse creatives bring a fresh perspective to every project. Original content such as movies, television series, music videos, commercials, social media and more. We help facilitate content from scratch or assemble already produced footage into a packaged product ready for distribution. 






PHASE 1: Writing, Storyboading, Concepting determining the size and scope of Project.  


PHASE 2: Coordinating all the necessary elements to create a successful shoot. Determining the actors, locations, equipment and more.  


PHASE 3: Editing the final video   with sound design, music, color correction and platform resizing for distribution.    

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How we Capture the Moment


  Strategize, Execute and Deliver

Before we move on any project we must first  determine the right strategy and vision for your video needs. While always maintaining a focus on brand identity, voice, target audience and the call to action.    

From the strategy developed we can then move into the execution phase during production. Here’s where we like to create a comfortable environment for all cast and crew helping on the project. Each crucial collaborator brought into the project understands the importance of their role and the value they bring.

After the shoot we then gather all the material into an edit room and sculpt the video. During this phase we add music, sounds effects, color correction and graphics so that your video can be showcased on your preferred platform.

Delivery needs may vary due to the distribution platform used, as each may need unique technical specs, audio configuration and aspect ratios.   



Digital Ownership

Crypto and NFTs

Inkbot Films’ new business model includes the acceptance of crypto currency as payment and NFTs as another part of our delivery process. While crypto and blockchain technology has many use cases and necessities in today’s society, for Inkbot it’s the NFTs aspect that is most intriguing. The innovation of NFTs offer a unique opportunity for everyone involved in each project to own a portion of the work produced. The produced NFT is validated on the blockchain where it then can be sold or auctioned in the open crypto market. If you’re unfamiliar with crypto and nfts we can help you get up to speed with this fast evolving technology. Our mission is to tell unique creative stories on the blockchain, creating an ecosystem of fans, creatives, investors and collaborators.   




 Click the image below for our Screenplay Alley NFTs.

Purchase the “Baggage” NFT to gain private access and read the Script. 

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investment opportunity 

Become an investor in our original content,  help get our projects off the ground. “Baggage”, “Red candles” and “Binary” to name a few. Please specify in your submission which project you’d like to donate to. Project details to come. All funds received will be allocated for the development of our projects. 

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